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Close to the Sun

Italian video game producer Storm in a Teacup teamed up with the Wired Productions game publishing company to bring players an interesting mix of Bioshock and Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Close to the Sun Xbox key. Immerse yourself into this first-person horror adventure game, where Nikola Tesla’s inventions & ideas greatly shaped the second era of scientific enlightenment. Developed using the Unreal Engine, Close to the Sun (PC) key transports players to the colossal sea cruiser Helios. Search for collectables, solve puzzles, unlock doors, and run away from enemies, all the while learning more about this rich and imposing environment, born out of the recesses of Nikola Tesla’s mind.

Enthralling Narrative

Buy Close to the Sun Xbox key and hop into an alternative reality in 1897 - Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison, two of the greatest inventors, are fighting for technological dominance. Become the journalist Rose Archer and guide her throughout her search for her sister Ada. You’ll spend a lot of time aboard Helios, a utopian hub for the world’s most successful scientists, operated by Tesla. While the grandiose halls and colossal gold effigies speak of sophistication, the smell of rotting flesh lingers in the air. The ship stands still deep in international waters. It is eerily empty. A single word clues you in on the situation - “Quarantine”. Do you have the guts to buy Close to the Sun key and uncover all the secrets of Helios?

Close to the Sun gameplay features:

  • • Thrilling first-person horror adventure where you have to do everything to survive;
  • • An enchanting setting that holds dark secrets within;
  • • Countless puzzles, collectables, and locked doors to go through;
  • • Pulse-pounding chase sequences;
  • • No weapon or defence options - your only options are to run and hide;
  • • Cheap Close to the Sun price.