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Aery - Calm Mind XBOX LIVE Key

With all the fuss happening in our lives, peace looks like a luxury. To counter that, EpiXR Games UG presents an interactive experience that will help you to relax and rest your ever-racing mind. Jump into the role of a little bird, flap your wings and take up to the skies. Collect feathers, explore the beautifully stylized landscapes and emerge yourself into the state of zen with Aery – Calm Mind Xbox key. This is more than a game – it’s a meditation.

Aery – Calm Mind game features

It’s all about keeping calm and the developers at EpiXR Games UG made sure you’ll get the exact experience with these nifty Aery – Calm Mind key game features:

  • The experience of flying. You are the bird and what does the bird do? Fly. Take to the skies and experience the wind under your wings;
  • Beautiful visuals and soundtrack. Explore the 16 beautifully stylized levels accompanied by relaxing music designed to rest your ever-racing mind;
  • Play the way you want. Complete the objectives or explore the levels – how you play is all up to you – the goal is to relax;
  • • Cheap Aery – Calm Mind price.

Spread your wings

In Aery – Calm Mind, there are no enemies to kill or puzzles to solve. You are the bird and the sky is your limit. Select any level you want to play in, collect feathers for your little bird friend, and explore the beautiful landscapes soaring high above the ground. The calming soundtrack will help you relax and find peace in the world of constant haste. Get the In Aery – Calm Mind Xbox key and experience the state of stillness and meditation.