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Zombi is an action-survival horror game developed by Straight Right and published by Ubisoft. London City is on a zombie outbreak and you are stuck in an urban labyrinth with deadly dwellers lurking behind every corner. Every death is permanent, which means there’s no respawn or second try. You die - you lose everything.

There’s little resource, and your enemies are by the hundreds, it’s unclear when, or if you find any weapons or ammunition at all, your management skills can be the deciding factor whether you live or join the zombie hordes as one of them.

Driven by the next-gen engine this FPS shooter will certainly show you what a real horror is supposed to look, taste, and sound like. Enjoy!

TL;DR: Zombies are lose in London, either you survive, or your dead character joins the flesh seeking gang, and you start as another unfortunate survivor stuck in the unforgiving environment.