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Watch_Dogs (incl. The Untouchables Pack)

This edition of Watch_Dogs contains the Untouchables Pack along with the Base Game, allowing you to dress like the original gangsters, with a 1920’s mob suit and a Tommy Gun both available in the game!

In a near-future world everything and everyone in the city is connected to a system called the Central Operating System or CTOS, every piece of information about everyone within the city is held there. In Watch_Dogs you play as Aiden Pearce, a man of extraordinary hacking ability and with a bit of a criminal past.

Unfortunately, your past caught up to you, hurting not only you, but your own family. Hack into CTOS and manipulate everyone around you with only one goal in mind – revenge. Track down the people that hurt your family by taking control of everything within the city, from traffic lights to people, and take down the ones that dare to hurt you in Watch_Dogs.