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This War of Mine

Most video games surrounding war (such as the action titles featured in the War Games Collection) put players in the roles of highly trained soldiers, capable of mowing down hordes of enemies and brush off bullet wounds as if they were a bruise. It serves as a good form of entertainment but This War of Mine CD key displays a completely different perspective on war. Here players control a group of civilians trying to survive a brutal conflict besieging their country. It’s a tough journey involving moral dilemmas as players will have to choose between survival and morality on a frequent basis.

This War of Mine gameplay

Developer and publisher team 11 bit studios manage to capture the regular civilian struggles in wartime through simple but at the same time very memorable and atmospheric presentation as well as gameplay design. This War of Mine CD key introduces a 2.5D survival strategy experience where the player has to manage the daily life of civilians residing in a hideout. During the day time characters are taking care of chores, filtering rainwater, cooking food while at night they must scavenge the dangerous, war-torn city for new supplies.

Can you beat This War of Mine?

The goal of the game is to survive until the Ceasefire is announced but there’s no way of knowing in advance when exactly the said day will come. The date is set randomly and before it comes, player-controlled civilians will have to survive through changing seasons, starvation, lack of medical supplies, and a variety of similar challenges This War of Mine CD key brings along. Just when you think you got the hang of the game, This War of Mine immediately crushes the expectations with survival problems one could have never predicted. It will take multiple tries to reach Ceasefire but this only adds to the great replay value 11 bit studios offers.

This War of Mine features

  • Thought-provoking. 11 bit studios present war from a unique civilian perspective with a game experience that doesn’t hesitate to test the emotions and moral boundaries of players;
  • 2.5D Survival game. In some regards This War of Mine gameplay is similar to Fallout Shelter, as the player will also manage the life of survivors in a two-dimensional hideout;
  • Atmospheric. This War of Mine CD key presents a bleak but memorable aesthetic style that compliments the themes explored by the game;
  • High replay value. Simple mistakes or miscalculated decisions can have devastating consequences. It may take effort to reach Ceasefire but this only adds to the replay value and reasons to play again;
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