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CrossCode is a 2D action RPG developed by Radical Fish Games. Immerse in the retro inspired environments that combine the 16-bit SNES-style graphics with smooth physics!

Partake in an epic fast-paced combat and solve various puzzles, all while experiencing a thrilling and immersive sci-fi story line!

The adventure consists of around 30-80 hours of playtime in 7 large-scale areas with secrets hidden all over!

The game offers over 120 different enemy types, and more than 30 bosses to challenge!

Dungeons you say? 7 expansive dungeons, each one better than the latter, are waiting to be explored!

More than 90 combat arts to master, and even more passive skills to acquire!

And of course, 100+ quests will leave you busy for days!

It’s an adventure you don’t want to walk by!


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