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Steel Division 2 key

Steel Division 2 key brings a WW2 RTS game, so deeply rooted in historical accuracy, you won’t be able to believe it before you play it for yourself. The Eugen Systems developed Steel Division: Normandy 44 sequel presents an unprecedented focus on the Eastern Front. Here, the Soviet Union made a determining push against Nazi Germany, and you’ll be able to participate in the event heads-on!

You Are the General

Buy Steel Division 2 key and immerse in the role of a general. Control and command thousands of men, select and customize your division, strategize throughout 3 distinct gameplay phases and walk out victorious once the devastating roar of battlefield transforms into squeaking sound of silence. The game offers 18 divisions, over 600 unique units, and 25 maps, and if that doesn’t instantly scream of variety, what does?

Massive Campaign

With Steel Division 2 key in your possession, you’ll get to experience one of the broadest campaigns that have been explored on the military RTS scene. The maps you’ll fight on expands for up to 150x100 km range, and their scale is 1:1, if we’re talking about historical accuracy, your every single controlled battalion is constructively recreated to be the same as it was during the Operation Bagration!

Out of Proportion Battles

Buy Steel Division 2 key and witness real-time battles of scale and size only worthy of the greatest strategists’ around. Explore your terrain, set your battlegroups with complete tactical freedom and deploy them into the war that will decide the very future of our existence. The game can be played both offline and online, including co-op and even outstanding 10v10 multiplayer battles. Are you ready to dominate?


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