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Solar Ash (PC) Epic Games Key

One of the most interesting indie game makers, “Heart Machine”, presents its second game, Solar Ash. In 2016 this company surprised indie players around the world with the unique adventure Hyper Light Drifter. Now, in Solar Ash Epic Games key, wander around a surreal, strange, and stylized world full of mysteries. Travel lightning-fast, meet interesting characters and fight against big monsters with the purchase of Solar Ash Epic key.

Focus on movement

Solar Ash is an adventure and platforming genre game in which the player controls the main character Rei. She runs lightning fast in a strange world of black holes, adorned with three-dimensional environments tinted with bright neon lights. During the journey, you will have to avoid various traps and fight enemies using a sword, and the goal of the whole journey will be to save Rei her planet. Game developers Heart Machine say that Solar Ash’s focus will not be on combat, but on the character’s movement in the game world. The world of Solar Ash is huge and the creators of this game have a mission to make players feel small and insignificant in it.

Solar Ash features:

It looks like the Solar Ash PC game could become just as impressive as Hyper Light Drifter, everyone’s favorite a few years ago. Undeniably, the Solar Ash Epic Games Key will offer a completely unique adventure and unseen game mechanics.

  • Giant World. Run through a colorful and unique game world full of mysteries;
  • Significant movements. The main mechanics of Solar Ash is movement;
  • Fearless enemies. Developers promise interesting enemy designs and spectacular fights with them;
  • Unique puzzles. Even the puzzles in Solar Ash will be linked to the character's Rei movement, so get ready for unique mechanics;
  • • Cheap Solar Ash Epic Games price.