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SimCity (Limited Edition)

SimCity (Limited Edition) allows you to build your pitch-perfect city, the choices you make will shape it in different ways, along with the sims living in it! There are multiple outcomes to your decisions, vast infrastructure may lead to poor health and high mortality rates of your society, while implementing eco-friendly nature may lead to high tax and low employment ratio. SimCity world is lively, robust, and very responsive! Take care on your quest for the better tomorrow!

SimCity (Limited Edition) features an exclusive Heroes vs. Villains content:

  • • Ne Characters — MaxisMan, the protector and Dr.Vu and his henchmen, the antihero!
  • • Vu will significantly increase crime rates. Be prepared for crime waves as he will recruit common Sims to do his evil biding!
  • • Two new upgradeable buildings — Evil Vullain Lair and Super Hero HQ.