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SD Gundam Battle Alliance Deluxe Edition

Deluxe Edition includes:

  • • Season Pass;
  • • Early unlock for the Command Gundam unit premium edition bonus In SD Gundam Battle Alliance.

Get ready for amazing multiplayer battles with the new Gundam action RPG, titled SD GUNDAM BATTLE ALLIANCE Deluxe Edition Steam key! Destroy your enemies solo or together with friends in fun and captivating fights. Get new mecha suits and don’t forget to upgrade them. After that, you are free to do various missions! If you are familiar with the Gundam universe, then you will be happy since this game features well-known Mobile Suits and characters!


Take a look at elements of the game and decide if it’s for you:

  • Captivating story. Immerse into a G: Universe that has infamous world history. Change that with your 3-unit squad, including Mobile Suits and famous pilots. Get ready for various unsuspected twists and turns;
  • Flashy action and amazing visuals. Get used to a big variety of Mobile Suit weapons and kill your enemies with them. Mobile Suits have dynamic animations, so it will be easy to immerse yourself in their roles. That’s probably the most expensive Gundam game to date;
  • Twisted history. Some strange thing, that’s called Break, is twisting well-known episodes of Gundam history. Your mission is to fix it. You can expect to witness the most popular events from Gundam, as well as develop new suits for your arsenal. You will find various parts to transform your mecha into the ultimate MS!
  • Multiplayer mode. Immerse into the multiplayer action together with 2 friends. In SD GUNDAM BATTLE ALLIANCE Deluxe Edition Steam key you will play as a 3-member team, so the game will never get boring;
  • • Cheap SD GUNDAM BATTLE ALLIANCE Deluxe Edition price.


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