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Knockout City - Deluxe Block Party Edition (ENG) Origin Key

Deluxe Block Party Edition includes:

  • 2 Epic Outfits: Cyber Spike, High Fidelity
  • 1 Epic Hairstyle: Locked Horns
  • 1 Epic Glasses: LED the Way
  • 1 Epic Glider: Mach 1
  • 1 Epic Intro Pose: Calling in Reinforcements
  • 1 Epic KO Effect: By the Horns
  • 1 Epic Crew Vehicle: Convertible — Black and Gold
  • 3 Epic Player Icons: Bomb Ball, Pixel-Dillo, Noodles Gone Bad
  • 3 Epic Crew Logos: Ninja Strike, Record Scratched, Crazy Eye
  • 3 Epic Crew Banners: High-End, Kintsugi, Strata
  • 1500 Holobux

Throw, catch, pass, dodge and tackle your way to victory! Buy Knockout City Origin Key team up with other players to come out on top. Brace yourself for countless hours of fun and intense competition in this brand new take on team-based multiplayer games. If you think yourself a fine athlete in and out of the virtual world, Knockout City Deluxe Block Party Edition will definitely have you questioning that. Are you courageous enough to best the wildest of challenges thrown your way in the game that seeks ways to mess with you? Only one way to find out!

Knockout City game features

Love dodgeball? Knockout City key can offer you more than just fast-paced games and flashy designs. Let’s see what’s in store for you:

  • Frantic and fun. Fast-paced, chaotic and extremely fun multiplayer matches will be sure to feature some mind-blowing dodgeball mechanics.
  • Team up. Assemble an All-Star dodgeball Crew for multiplayer matches in a seamless cross-play experience. Shine in 3v3, 4v4 and free-for-all game modes, strategize and, together, crush the opponents.
  • Win in style. What is more satisfying than winning in STYLE? The game offers expansive character creation options and a highly customizable appearance, gliders and Crew vehicles, win, lose, and taunt animations.
  • Take on Knockout City. Take on other Crews across dynamic maps all over the city. Each map has special features that make every match an intense and new experience.
  • Fresh yet familiar. The familiar controls of the game make the game an enjoyable experience for every player. But remember—only practice makes it perfect!
  • • Cheap Knockout City price.

Welcome to Knockout City

Are you ready to take on your opponents? Do not hesitate since every second matters in this extra flashy dodgeball court. A variety of outlandish ball types, locations, and game modes keep it exciting. Plus, each season introduces new maps, ball types, rewards, events, and challenges—but you’ll need to purchase Knockout Origin City Origin Key to experience that!


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