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Fortnite - Rogue Agent + 600 V-Bucks Epic Games Key

Rogue Agent includes:

  • • 600 V-Bucks;
  • • Rogue Agent Outfit;
  • • Catalyst Back Bling.

Want to obtain the Fortnite Rogue Agent outfit and additional cosmetic items easily and instantly? You’ve come to the right place! Here in the Eneba store you can buy Fortnite Rogue Agent + 600 V-Bucks Epic Games key for a very good price and add the exclusive Rogue Agent Fortnite outfit to your in-game Locker! Not only that but with this purchase, you’ll also receive the Catalyst Back Bling and a whopping amount of 600 V-Bucks to spend on the Item Shop!

Chaotic action with a pinch of fun

Purchase the bundle and lose yourself in the cross-platform free-to-play battle royale from Epic Games which also comes with additional modes like the Creative and Save the World. Since its launch in 2017, Fortnite climbed to the heights of popularity, becoming a widely recognized cultural phenomenon. The title features addictive gameplay, a rewarding progression system, an engaging learning curve, and a staggering variety of content. What differentiates Fortnite from other battle royale games like PUBG or Apex Legends is the material gathering system together with unique building mechanics reminiscent of those present in Minecraft. Buy Fortnite Rogue Agent + 600 V-Bucks Xbox Live key, put the Catalyst Back Bling on your shoulders and join the fun!

What to do with 600 V-Bucks?

That’s right! This bundle includes 600 V-Bucks and since the Fortnite battle pass currently costs 950 V-Bucks, once you buy this pack, you’re basically half-way to unlocking a plethora of other great content available during the present season! As you know, V-bucks are a Fortnite in-game currency used to buy cosmetic items featured on the Item Shop together with Battle Passes and Battle Bundles. V-Bucks can be received either through buying them with real money or slowly unlocking their limited amounts through the in-game progression system. Why not buy the Fortnite Rogue Agent Pack? 600 V-Bucks, Catalyst Back Bling are all yours – it’s that simple!

How do I redeem a Fortnite code on PC?

  • • Click Sign In on the top right corner of the Fortnite home page;
  • • Log in with your Epic Games account;
  • • Hover your mouse cursor over your account name on the top right corner;
  • • Select the Redeem Code option;
  • • Enter the key code and click Redeem.

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