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Dishonored (Definitive Edition)

Dishonored (Definitive Edition) includes the original base game Dishonored along with all four of its expansions:

• The original Dishonored base game;

• Dunwall City Trials Content Pack;

• The Knife of Dunwall Expansion Pack;

• The Brigmore Witches Expansion Pack;

• Void Walker’s Arsenal Add-on Pack.

Dishonored (Definitive Edition) Steam key is a thrilling adventure-action game developed by Arkane Studios and published by well known Bethesda softworks. You immerse yourself in the plague-ridden industrial city of Dunwall as Corvo Attano - a previous empress bodyguard, who after getting framed for her death, is now a well-trained assassin. As Corvo proceeds through various difficult and bloody obstacles, he gets closer to his main goal - revenge and saving the heir to the throne. Sharpen your blades and deliver sweet justice in this maddening world of corruption.

Unravel the unjustified conspiracy

After the death of the empress, Corvo sets out to clear not just his name but more than a few names on his revenge list. Here in Dishonored (Definitive Edition) Steam key, it is all about schemes, politics and power - having “friends” is crucial in order to survive, even more so while seeking deserved justice. Our bloodthirsty protagonist is aided by two sides: the Loyalists - a resistance group, fighting to reclaim Dunwall, and the Outsider - a godly being that finds amusement in Corvo’s quest. With their help, Corvos enemies will have difficulty keeping this conspiracy under wraps any longer.

Major gameplay features

As Corvo plots and delivers his revenge, Dishonored (Definitive Edition) Steam key won’t let you stay still with these game features:

  • Supernatural abilities. Find ruins and spend them on unlockable powers. From teleportations, time stopping, agility, to dark vision and possession - there are no bounds on how you demolish your enemies;
  • Perk system. Allows you to upgrade your health, stealth, speed and other small, yet important stats in the long run boosts;
  • Creative chaos and sweet trail of blood. Setting enemies on fire, shooting, making rats eat their living flesh, perhaps performing a 360 with your crossbow, the choice is yours;
  • Stealth. Surprise, violence is an option! Throughout the gameplay, there’s an option to not kill a single soul and use stealth to your advantage. Sneak past your enemies to reach your mission objective for it can be rewarding!
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You choose your action plan depending on your playstyle, whether you choose a full-on massacre or a well-planned quiet approach - this will determine the outcome of the main story. Buy Dishonored (Definitive Edition) Steam key and complete a series of challenges showing (no) mercy for traitors, the choice is yours!