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Cossacks 3

Miss classic, old-school RTS games but can’t get yourself to play them due to outdated gameplay and graphics? Cossacks 3 has got you covered! The GSC Game World developed title is seen in the gaming world as an HD rework of the highly successful Cossacks 1.

Here you will need intricate tactics in order to succeed, build universities to educate your people, mines to gather resources, barracks to recruit soldiers, and much more! It is not just about going to battle, as you will need workers and regular people keeping your economy thriving. However, when the time for battle comes, you will engage in some of the largest scale battles in the world of RTS!

The Cossacks 3 activation key might just be the best purchase you’ve made in a while, as it is great value for a game of this caliber. Sure, the Cossacks 3 key won’t unlock the door to a most modern game ever, as it is still pretty much a rework of a 2002 game, but it is an amazing rework at that!

Take on the vast amount of factions within the game whether you’re playing in the single-player campaign or a up to 8 player online multiplayer mode!