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Beholder 3 (PC) Steam Key

If you’re an avid gamer like we are, then you should know that Beholder 3 key on Steam is one of the top titles among adventure video games that should appear in your possession if you want to get the best of this genre! Developed by Paintbucket Games and published by the renowned video game company Alawar Premium on 2022-03-03, the game delivers gripping gameplay that immerses you from the very first moment and keeps you on your toes until you turn off the game, leaving the sense of wonder to linger about. Buy Beholder 3 Steam key, save your funds with a cheaper price, and dive into a brilliant game!

Adventure genre

Are you interested in solving puzzles and completing tasks along the way? If yes, then dive into Beholder 3 Steam key. Since it’s an adventure game, you’ll get to engage in an interactive storyline driven by questions and exploration. Think, explore, find answers, and forget that time even exists. The game will let you take a break from the monotony of everyday life by dropping you into something intriguing and mysterious. Let it take you away, achieve great results, and congratulate yourself every step of the way!


Beholder 3 key doesn't just provide a base game that one might put away for good after a while of gaming. This title offers, above all, an engaging experience that challenges your abilities! Let's take a look at some of the features that help achieve this:

  • Atmospheric setting – The game combines an amazing score with breathtaking visuals for an immersive experience;
  • Cartoon graphics – The environments and models are presented via colourful cartoon-like visuals;
  • Indie – This title was created by an independent team of developers focused on creative innovations;
  • Simulator – You can play around in virtual reality without any real-life consequences;
  • Singleplayer – The game features a solo campaign with a story;
  • Strategy RPG – You have to weigh all pros and cons, consider your party’s strengths and weaknesses, and utilize skilful thinking to destroy opponents;
  • • Cheap Beholder 3 price.