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Battlefield 2042 Origin Key

The best first-person shooter game ever made by Electronics Arts Battlefield 2042 gets released during November 19, 2021.


If you’re a big fan of the Battlefield series then you’re absolutely going to love this. Battlefield 2042 comes with complete Multiplayer settings, unlike the previous versions.


A true cutting-edge arsenal right before your eye Battlefield 2042 was worth the wait. 


You’ll get a stunning detailed environment that will make you feel like you’re actually in the war with an arsenal of weapons with excellent sound & graphics.


Best Part Of Battlefield 2042


You’ll get a map where you can play with 128 players at the same time.


Battlefield 2042 PC Requirements


  • OS: 64-bit Windows 10.

  • Processor (AMD): AMD Ryzen 5 1600.

  • Processor (Intel): Core i5 6600K.

  • Memory: 8GB.

  • Video Memory: 4GB.

  • Graphics card (NVIDIA): Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti.

  • Graphics card (AMD): AMD Radeon RX 560.

  • DirectX: 12.

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