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BATTALION 1944: First to Fight Edition key

BATTALION 1944 key brings the new age successor to the classic FPS games! Developed by Bulkhead Interactive and published by Square Enix, the title brings back the nostalgy, the tight and well-polished combat, the importance of fluid pathing and of course, the unprecedented focus on tactical 5v5 infantry combat! The game redefines the classic shooter's formula and presents it wide open, all ready for your evaluation!

Compete and Conquer

Competition is the key in this one. It’s the very first title to integrate whole FACEIT’s competitive toolset straight into the game. What’s this FACEITs? It will manage and direct your matchmaking, tournaments, rankings & leaderboards with utmost precision and quality! Buy BATTALION 1944 key and embark on a level of competition which you didn’t even know to exist.

Immerse in Awesome Modes

From 1v1 trials to 5v5 team deathmatches, to arcade fun – this FPS has everything you’d want playing the well-familiar gameplay! Do whatever it takes to conquer your matchup in face-to-face combat, score victories in 16 rounds faster than the opposite team to win the 5v5. Also, embark on numerous arcade-based modes such as CTF, capture-control, and even the headshot contest!

Additional Features

Buy BATTALION 1944 key and control the US, Nazi German, or Soviet Union forces, wield a whole array of firearms, score kills, progress on the leaderboards, unlock war paints, medals, and more! Not only will you be able to score some astonishing takedowns in this one, but you’ll also get to watch them again and again – match history & replays system will make sure of it. Also, mod tools menu and dedicated server files are out there in the open, so if you feel like creating something special – the floor is yours!