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Autonauts Steam key

Buy Autonauts key and aid adorable little robots in their planet colonization efforts! Autonauts is a strategy-survival “God simulator” developed by Denki studio and published by Curve Digital. This educational and kid-friendly title features resilient, hard-working little machines called Autonauts who travel throughout the universe in search of uninhabited planets for them to colonize. Join them in their efforts to establish themselves on a new world!

Build your colony from scratch!

As you start the game, you begin from nothing. After just leaving your spaceship you command a single autonaut. You start from gathering resources on an uninhabited landscape by using simple sticks and stones to chop wood. Eventually, you craft tools, engage in new survival-related activities such as fishing, cooking, housing and more. Buy Autonauts key and command a machine community! Gather blueprints and build more robots to aid you in your survival and development of the colony!

Progress to a global civilization!

If you are familiar with the 2008 Maxis studio game Spore which features custom made evolving lifeforms and the progress of their civilization, you will encounter the same progress-based gameplay structure here, recreated and reinvented in a fresh new way but keeping the same cartoony and kid-friendly aesthetic. You start out on a small settlement in the middle of nowhere but as time goes on you develop a complex, planet-wide industrial-scale colony!

Program your workerbots to help!

Buy Autonauts key and try out a very interesting gameplay feature included in Autonauts. The game allows you to use a visual programming language to teach the game’s artificial intelligence for specific, automated tasks. Show your workerbots how to cut trees, fish, sew, craft tools, construct buildings and they will oblige by initiating automation based on the provided instructions. All you have to do is give an example and then watch as workerbots initiate your commands and build massive cities according to your plan and vision. So buy Autonauts key program your little workerbots and witness as they turn a barren wasteland into a machine civilization at the peak of transcendence!