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Aragami 2 Steam Key

Do you have what it takes to skillfully command the shadows that surround you? Lince Works presents an intense stealth experience, where players get to protect the innocent as shadow-wielding assassins! The Aragami are elite warriors that are able to control the Shadow Essence and bend the shadows to their will but it all comes at a price - with time, their bodies corrode and their minds are devoured by darkness. This doesn’t stop these fighters from doing what’s right though: protecting their village and freeing fellow Aragamis from entrapment. Buy Aragami 2 Steam key, join the shadow clan and fight invading armies!

Aragami 2 gameplay features

Sneaking through the darkness and utilizing the shadows at your disposal is much more fun due to all the neat mechanics included in the Aragami 2 key:

  • Fast-paced stealth action. Silently take down every single foe from the darkness as you leap from building to building - decide whether you want to kill or simply incapacitate;
  • Solo or co-op. Prowl the night as a lone wolf or eliminate enemies as a pack of 3 - both modes have a full campaign;
  • Tactical encounters. While the combat is based on skill, how you enter and tackle each encounter affects the outcome of battles - keep in mind that high risk brings high rewards;
  • Craft the perfect warrior. Select your abilities & shadow powers - craft and upgrade weapons and armor;
  • • Cheap Aragami 2 price.

Rise against the invaders

While being an Aragami grants you great power, the Shadow Essence corrupts your whole being with time. These elite warriors are essentially cursed - doomed to lose their minds and wither away. This slowly-progressing affliction does not stop you from doing what’s right and battling against the invading army that is hellbent on destroying your village. The catch is that by doing so you might just beat the curse before it consumes you! So, buy Aragami 2 Steam key, create the perfect shadow warrior, protect your people and break the shackles that bind you!