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"99Vidas" is a "beat 'em up" set in a contemporary world that pays tribute to both the new and the classic in gaming industry. Brought to you in all pixelated, 16 bit-esque glory, chockfull of references to not only gaming, but all 80's and 90's pop culture. 99Vidas is set in a fictional anachronic universe, inspired by video games and the pop culture of the 1980s and 1990s. The game begins when an artifact known as 99Vidas goes missing. This artifact is believed to hold such great power it could bring darkness and chaos to our very existence, should it ever fall into the hands of those with evil intents. As the Guardians of the 99Vidas, granted the Power of the Elements, bound to live through the ages to protect the artifact, it is your responsibility to face the forces of evil, defeat the Evil Boss and his six henchmen, and retrieve the 99Vidas.